Best Fashionable Backpacks for College in 2022

Let’s get to the point: you’re hunting for the best fashionable backpack for you to look fancy in college and simultaneously stash all your daily pieces of equipment.

But with bazillions of choices in the market, choosing the best fashionable backpack for your college can get tricky. 

Of course, you’re going to place your books, pencils, a calculator and similar stuff. Since laptops have become a strict requirement of leading colleges, your backpack must also be solid and large enough to fit one. Plus, you will be using it for years and want to go with a durable option.


With so many factors to consider, not-so-technical people can get swampy and pick up the wrong backpack which may not even churn out a semester.

But cheers up! We’re here to show you the most suitable way.

After extensive research, I’ve come up with the seven best fashionable backpacks for college for both; boys and girls.

1.ZOEO Unicorn Backpack


With an incredibly stylish color combination, this ZOEO backpack is a fantastic option for both; college girls and boys willing to look fancy. Besides an affordable price, it comes with a wide range of color combinations to suit everyone’s taste. 

Being a college student, hanging a laptop in your backpack has become a fashion and a requirement. But where to find such a giant backpack to place a laptop? Thankfully, this ZOEO unicorn backpack packs with a 16” main compartment to house your laptop easily.

As you know, the biggest problem with most backpacks is their unreliable material and, of course, unreliable buckle. This way, they don’t even survive a year and cause you big problems down the road. But the case is different here. This ZOEO backpack is crafted out of water-resistant polymer and a sturdy plastic buckle to ensure it can survive long enough. 

From a storage perspective, it is divided into three different sections. The ample space includes one central purse to store your pencils, erasers, one laptop sleeve to accommodate your laptop, one zipper pocket, and two small interior pockets. Plus, there’s a small pocket at the front to stash the small items for quick access. 

Not to mention the expandable side pocket for storing a bottle of water or umbrella. 

Unlike some others on today’s list, this fantastic backpack comes with stunning official customer reviews showing that the official buyers have found it a great deal of comfort. That’s one of the MAJOR reasons you saw it getting top honors on the list.

If you’re looking for a massive storage capacity along with a fancy color combination without having to break a bank, this is the way to go.

  • Available in numerous colours
  • It can easily accommodate a laptop
  • Large storage capacity
  • Crafted out of durable polymer
  • Maybe a little bulky for some
  • It doesn’t come in a simple colour pattern

2.Kenneth Cole Reaction


Here we’ve got another fantastic option for college students, especially for the ones looking for a sleek design along with a sophisticated and simple color combination. Fortunately, this vast backpack excels in almost all the crucial aspects such as adequate storage capacity, fine finishes, premium stuff, etc. 

This Keneth Cole backpack is skillfully crafted out of pure leather to give you a premium look and make sure it survives longer. This great backpack comes with numerous advanced features you’re going to love. That’s why you have to pay over $125 bucks right away. 

Speaking of storage capacity, the front exterior includes a small pocket. Plus, there’s a zipper pocket and more oversized zip down the pocket. It features a comprehensive organizer to hold a variety of equipment pieces for your college. 

Moreover, the rear compartment is large enough to house a 16-inch laptop. The storage capacity isn’t just ending here. Instead, there’s more room for tablets and all other pieces of equipment. Another marvelous stand of the laptop is being checkpoint-friendly. It doesn’t have to be put off at security checkpoints. 

What makes this small piece of leather give a premium feel is the most refined finish. You get a full-grain Colombian leather exterior along with a tear-resistant interior. Plus, the highly durable yet comfortable top handle is further aiding its versatility.

Being a fine-finish backpack, it comes in 3 colors only. These include brown, cognac, and brown leather. While these marvelous a fit for boys, girls willing to look stylish can also go with them. RFID blocking is another marvelous feature of this backpack that protects from credit card and identity theft.

  • Premium leather finish
  • Comprehensive organizer
  • Compartment for a 16-inch laptop
  • Trolley fits most luggage handles
  • Enriched with advanced features
  • The higher price tag of $125
  • 3.4Lbs weight is a little high
  • organizers are everywhere

3.Amazon Basics Classic School Backpack


Consider this Classic school backpack if you’re looking for a brilliant yet affordable option for college. It comes with a highly lightweight design and a large enough compartment to hold a standard laptop. With the highly budget-friendly price tag, it becomes a great deal of comfort.

Unlike others on the list, this classic school backpack comes in a single color – navy blue. The exterior overall looks great and gives a premium feel. While it’s incredibly lightweight, it’s durable at the same time and can hold a variety of essentials

Whether it’s laptops, books, pencils, notebooks, or water bottles you want to accommodate, the backpack got the capacity to house all such equipment pieces at once. The large compartment is built for the laptop and books. In contrast, the smaller pocket is a fit for your smartphone, pencils, and other tiny essentials. 

Moreover, there are two elastic side pockets in addition to those zippered sections. They offer velcro closures and make a perfect match with clipping pens. Plus, you can also use these for placing water bottles or storing other items that fit in well.  

Do you know what the best part about this classic backpack is? It’s the ability to be a fit for sport and field trips as well. So, there’s no need to get another one for that purpose. 

Its padded shoulder straps give you complete satisfaction and the comfort you were looking for. No matter how many hours you have to hang it up on your shoulder, the cushioned shoulder straps keep you comfortable.

  • Sleek & highly lightweight design
  • Enough storage for a laptop
  • Affordable pricing
  • Can hold various products at once
  • Cushioned shoulder straps
  • Not very stylish
  • Cannot bear massive weight
  • It doesn’t have organizers

4.Kah&Kee Leather Backpack Diaper Bag


With massive improvements in product quality, TONS of extra features, and a fancy design, it’s a perfect match for fashionable college students. The backpack comes with an exquisite design skillfully crafted with college students in mind. Plus, its impressive customer reviews should speak for themselves

There’s one primary compartment with massive storage capacity to store your over 15-inch laptop (in the padded laptop pocket), all your books, notebooks, and whatever you want to. The same compartments contain a couple of small pockets to place little essentials, too. 

Furthermore, there too are a couple of side pockets to store your mobile phone or something similar. In contrast, the small pocket on the front is suitable for your pencils and other accessories.

This wide-open leather backpack is an excellent fit for most college students, regardless of gender. With a weight of 0.8kg, the bag is easily carryable. Furthermore, there are adjustable backpack straps to provide you with maximum comfort.

The major problem with most backpacks is the unreliable top handle. But the case is quite different here. The company claims a highly reliable top handle to ensure that this backpack can survive longer and turn your payment into a great deal of comfort.

This sturdy backpack is skillfully made from 100% pure and soft leather that is more breathable with the black mesh design from the perspective of stuff. This fine leather finish gives a fantastic overall look. Furthermore, this excellent backpack comes in numerous colors to suit your taste.

  • Numerous colors available
  • Fancy and premium-looking design
  • 100% pure soft leather
  • Room for a laptop
  • Durable top handle
  • It doesn’t have many organizers
  • It isn’t very budget-friendly

5.JanSport Super FX


Are you looking for a wonderfully sleek backpack on a budget? This JanSport backpack is just what you are seeking. With premium quality and Nylon lining, the backpack is quite durable and gives a professional feel. In contrast, the sleek & straightforward design takes its beauty to the next level. 

From the perspective of storage, the backpack doesn’t have a lot of pockets. Instead, you get a large compartment along with a small pocket on the front. The large room comes with an enormous storage capacity to store all your essentials such as notebooks, calculators, books, etc. 

Of course, you may have to store a laptop, too. Thanks to the company engineers who take care to make the height suitable for a regular laptop. So, you can easily place your laptop and carry it wherever you want. 

Fortunately, the product comes in a broad range of unique color combinations and patterns to suit every college student. Another marvelous stand of this great backpack is the comfort level. With padded shoulders and even a padded back, the backpack has a unique look and gives you all-day comfort. 

The unreliable top handle is a common problem among backpacks. Students are often found complaining about this aspect. When it comes to the JanSport backpack, the case is quite similar, unfortunately. Though there’s an exceptionally durable and flexible top handle, it may not be sturdy enough to handle the massive weights inside

Before you click the “purchase” button for this product, there’s something I want to share. When going through the official customer reviews, I found many people to be complaining about the carelessness of the representatives. They were not shipped the color they selected. 

But overall, keeping the price range in mind, this backpack features a fantastic price value worth each dollar you pay.

  • Available in various colors
  • Sleek & professional-looking design
  • Reliable material with Nylon lining
  • Best for sports
  • Padded shoulder straps and back
  • Not very suitable for laptop
  • No side pockets
  • The top handle isn’t very reliable

6.Vintage Backpack For Teen Girls and Boys


Here we’ve got another fancy backpack that is a fit for both; fashionable boys and girls. The backpack comes from Lizaida Menendez, a well-known brand for clothing, shoes, and jewelry. With the beautiful vintage finish, the backpack gives a fancy and premium finish you might love.

For an overall professional look, lightweight design, and sturdiness, the backpack is intelligently made of high-quality oxford fabrics and leather. Plus, the upper surface is dust-proof to empower your outdoor trips. While the magnetic snap buttons ensure all your equipment – especially laptops – is safe and sound. 

With multiple compartments, you get more room to store all your essential equipment pieces elegantly. The laptop compartment is fit for 15.6” laptops, the main compartment for notebooks, books, etc., and the secondary compartment also gives room to store smaller products. 

Furthermore, the small pocket at the front might be excellent for your smartphone, calculator, and pencils. At the same time, the side pockets give you space to house your umbrella or water bottles. Further aiding the backpack’s versatility is the padded and unique design straps that ease the weight on your shoulders – regardless of the massive consequences inside. 

But what’s the most exciting part about this excellent vintage backpack? Well, it’s the removable USB cable that can be connected to your laptop to charge your phone without even bringing your laptop out or opening zips. 

The backpack is a great deal of comfort overall. With durable materials, various color combinations, and multiple compartments, the backpack is a fit for college students and outdoor activities. 

  • Trustable brand
  • Wonderful vintage finish
  • Lightweight & sturdy design
  • Multiple compartments (one for the laptop)
  • Side pockets are in place
  • Some people didn’t get the USB cable

7.ZZKKO Space Galaxy Animal Unicorn Boys and Girls


Last but not least, the ZZKKO space backpack is another suitable option to consider. Recommended especially for lightweight freaks, the backpack is crafted out of a waterproof polymer that makes it highly lightweight and portable at the same time. Regardless of the weight you put in it, the padded straps make things comfortable for you. 

In this advanced age, we see waterproof products that take away the fear of getting exposed to water. Thankfully, this space galaxy backpack is among them. Packing with highly lightweight, it’s easy to carry around, making it a fit for a laptop. 

Fortunately, the company has manufactured the backpack with college students in mind and created various compartments to suit their needs. Besides the 15-inch laptop, there’s room for your notebooks, books, a calculator, mobile phones, and much more. 

Plus, there are handy, elastic side pockets best for umbrellas and water bottles. Simultaneously, the front compartment is a fit for your writing utensils, keys, student card, and similar. 

Further aiding the backpack’s comfortability is the adjustable padded straps that ease the massive weights on your shoulder and help you seamlessly carry your backpack around the college. Not just for college, the backpack is quite suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, etc. 

Thanks to the sturdy top handle, which distinguishes it from others and makes it a highly durable backpack that can last longer. Moreover, the skillfully reinforced straps are another significant addition.  

Consider this piece if you’re looking for a comfortable and lightweight backpack for use in college and outdoor activities.

  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Room for a 15-inch laptop
  • Handy compartments
  • Elastic side pockets
  • Padded, adjustable, and reinforced straps
  • colour combinations aren’t that great
  • Price is a bit high
  • Size is a bit small for some

If you want to pick a suitable backpack on your own and want to know the art of choosing the most suitable option, go through this buyer’s guide. I’m going to briefly explain the factors you need to consider when reviewing backpacks. 

Ready? Let’s start.

Buyer’s Guide

When picking the best backpack for you, keep the following factors in mind:


As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to spend money buying an unreliable product. When it comes to the backpack for college, the case is similar. 

You might be using it for years, may want it to work for university too, or maybe to think about giving it to your elder sibling after you get free from college.  

Either way, it needs to work out well for years. So, reliability becomes a significant factor. Before you select a backpack, make sure to go through official customer reviews and take a look at the stuff it’s made of. 

Most importantly, consider the top handle. Try to figure out whether it’s durable. Otherwise, who wants to get the top handle stitched over and over again. 

This way, you’re more likely to make a wise purchase that will be a great deal of comfort

Storage Capacity – Can it fit a laptop

Storage, being an essential aspect of a backpack, is crucial to consider. Before you conduct the research, find out what products you will be traveling in it with. They can be laptops, books, notebooks, A4 papers, pencils, and so on. 

Once you’ve made a list, you’ll have to go through the details of each product to find out whether it can fit all your necessary pieces of equipment. However, in this article, I took care to bring forth only the product with enough room for a laptop as it’s becoming a leading college requirement. 

Similarly, research on whether the height of the backpack is suitable enough to fit an unfolded A4 piece of paper. And does it have extra room to place your water bottles?

I hope you got the picture. Right?

Stuff – Material

Though stuff plays a MAJOR role in the reliability and both are deeply related, I had to create different headlines to explain some points better. 

The stuff of your backpack is what you’re going to be touching every time. Ideally, it should give you a comfortable feeling with complete sophistication. But if you’re not so comfort-freek, at least make sure it doesn’t feel rock-ish. 

Now, the question arises, “Which stuff is the best?” and “Which stuff should I look out for?”

Well, if you want to get an advanced waterproof backpack, look out for Nylon. It’s waterproof and lightweight at the same time. 

It gives you a professional overall look and is highly reliable but requires special cleaning and is heavier when it comes to leather. Similarly, there are dozens of materials used to manufacture backpacks. Click here to get detailed insights into each.

Color Combination and Design

Looking fancy and stylish can be the primary reason for buying a backpack for college. So, what makes a backpack stylish and fashionable? It’s all done by the design and the color combination. 

So, it’s natural to pick the backpack that matches your taste concerning color combination and design. 

Now you might have imagined how time-consuming and challenging it can be to go through numerous products and test each by considering the above factors. 

That’s why we’ve already conducted extensive research and put the seven best fashionable backpacks for college on the table for you. Honestly, I would recommend you not waste your time and energy and pick one of the backpacks we’ve recommended.

With that said, let’s conclude. 

Wrapping It Up

College life is joyful. Hanging out with friends, all that fun, and what’s not. In today’s modern age, every college student wants a stylish backpack having the capacity to fit in a laptop and all other college essentials. 

But since there are many aspects to take care of, it becomes impossible to go through thousands of potential choices and find the RIGHT product for you.

Thankfully, we’ve already churned out all the research and presented the best fashionable backpacks for college,” so you won’t have to. 

I hope this guide helped you find the most suitable (yet fashionable) backpack for you. Before you disappear, let us know which one of the best fashionable backpacks for college did you like the most?

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