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All of us probably have eaten the food precariously balanced between our legs. Although it feels not good, we have to do this when we have a lack of tables. In this case, all our hassles in making the food at the campfire become tasteless. This is the time when we realize the actual importance of the table. 

Same as when we go camping we must need a roll-up camping table to enjoy the meal camping. A proper roll-up table is an essential piece of equipment that gives you access to carry it anywhere. 

A roll-up camping table is a versatile product that can be used for any place like picnics, camping, backyard gathering, and more. The best part of the roll-up camping table is they are foldable and come in multi shapes and designs that make them special. These tables give you access to multi-sub shelves and boxes in the table where you can store your food for later use. 

After great research and an expert’s point of view, I found these roll-up camping tables that can be suitable for your needs and demands. I kept all important points in mind while searching tables for this article to find some best that can be helpful for my readers. 

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

roll up camping table 3
roll up camping table 3

This is at the top of the list among folding camping tables with more than 2500 five-star ratings. This heavy-duty camping table is made with aluminum material that ensures its sturdiness. Lightweight enough to carry it easily everywhere you want. This table has a rectangular shape and is easy to fold. Not only this it has a beautiful design that allows you to use it at parties and wedding food. 

This lightweight but strong camping table is built to stand firmly even in stormy weather. Unlike other camping tables that are made of wood and nylon, this table is made with aluminum alloy and is waterproof. Even you put this table under the water its material will not rust out as this is corrosion resistive. After using this it’s easy to clean with a wipe. 

Even if you want to use it in a standing position or while sitting its adjustment feature allows you to adjust it according to your ease. You can carry and store this lightweight table almost anywhere. Use this table in any sports event, party dinner, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. After using no need to carry it in a car, simply fold this and pack it into the backpack. 

  • Top-selling folding table
  • Easy setup, easy to carry
  • Height adjustment
  • Carry in the backpack
  • Waterproof and rust-free
  • Available in multicolor
  • Less in stock

CampLand Folding Cooking Camping Table

roll up camping table
roll up camping table

Won’t you like a kitchen storge including with the folding table where you can organize your cookware after and before use?  

Definitely, you would like it!

Then this CampLand folding cooking camping table is the best choice for you. This rectangular shape roll-up table is easy to install and fold up. Don’t worry either you are in rain this table won’t let you disappointed because this is made with waterproof material and it’s corrosion-resistant. 

This aluminum roll-up camping table has a 19mm pipe frame that stamps on its durability. You can manage your cook items on it easily. It’s easy to clean. Now if you feel uncomfortable with its height then don’t worry it allows you to do adjustments according to your ease and desire. It has a 25.2 inches maximum height. Four legs are adjustable so you can use it on any surface. 

This roll-up camping table is durable and lightweight that can hold up to 66 lbs weight. This camping table is perfect for any type of camping as its adjusting help to stand firmly even on the rough surface. 

After using it even if you feel unsatisfied you can return it and get your money back. The company is offering 100% money back with a lifetime warranty. 

Even if you want to make BBQ on this table you can do the job easily. Considering its lightweight feature don’t think that it is unstable for heavy air. Even in rain it will stand tight and give you the opportunity to use this table in rainy weather. 

  • Easy to install and fold up
  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion resistive
  • Height adjustable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Less in stock

REDCAMP Folding Camping Table

roll up camping table 2
roll up camping table 2

This Redcamp Roll-up camping table is among the most precise camping tables with more than 1000 five-star ratings. This rectangular shape folding camping table is extremely lightweight yet compact and durable. This table has only 5 pounds weight but is sturdy enough that will hold tight even in bad weather. 

This roll-up camping table is made of a thicker aluminum alloy frame that has a diameter of 25 mm. This 24 inches high table has two variable adjustments which give you the access to adjust its height according to your desire. Two height adjustments are 10.2 inches and 20 inches. 

No problem if you have less time for camping and want to sum up your belongings in a short time. Then this easy folding camping table will allow you to easily set up within one minute. This quick-to-fold table has a carrying handle that allows you to take it in hand. 

The roll-up camping table has the ability to hold up to 70 lbs weight. Use this portable table where ever you want even in the home kitchen or outdoor like camping, travel, and sports events. 

Make sure you don’t take this camping table near heat or fire. As it is made of aluminum it has the chance to warm up quickly. You can use this camping table for picnics, a table for outdoors, RV outside, prepare BBQ, and as a serving table at dinner. 

  • You can adjust the height according to ease
  • Easy set up within a minute
  • Lightweight yet compact and durable
  • Use it anywhere
  • Make BBQ on this table
  • Not water resistant

Personal Beach Roll-up Table for Camping

roll up camping table 1
roll up camping table 1

Are you planning to camp at the beach this summer, then this Personal beach camping table for sand can be the right choice. This roll-up camping table is one of the best tables among others with more than 500 five-star ratings. 

Spending all the day at the beach, camping, hiking, or kayaking you must need a heavy meal to throw at it. Not only for dinner you can also put your extra belongings on it. Now when you are a single person going camping it looks hard to carry a camping table with you, but don’t worry this folding camping table is easy to fold and it fits in your backpack easily. Aside backpack you can also carry this table on a bike, kayak, and in the car easily. 

Now on the beach, you would probably like to enjoy the meal on the table but what if your table gets soaking wet completely that looks annoying. This is where this beach roll-up camping table comes in part, this folding table is completely waterproof and rust resistive means no more worries if your table is under the water. You can also put this table in the garage or your backyard when not in use. 

This camping table is made with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is strong enough for all outdoor activities. Its sturdy construction support it to perform heavy tasks. This advanced design camping table has a weight of only 1.1 pounds. Mean easy to carry, easy setup, and folding. 

  • It’s lightweight
  • Easy to carry in a backpack
  • Easy setup and folding
  • waterproof and corrosion resistive
  • Adjustable height
  • It doesn’t have enough space on its countertop to serve a family

CampLand Outdoor Folding Table

roll up camping table 4
roll up camping table 4

This beautiful outdoor folding table has two separate portions under its top surface. If you have multiple cookware and extra food to store for a few days can easily store your food in it. This camping table is made of metal that is sturdy and durable. Not too heavy means you can easily carry this table with your other camping gear. 

This camping table is made of Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) tabletop, 600D oxford cartons, and a 19mm aluminum pipe. Its strong structure helps to hold up the weight up to 66 lbs. Zipper cartons under the table allow you to save your food from bugs and animals. Even if you feel uncomfortable with its below zipper portions you can separate them. 

This easy-to-carry camping table is convenient to take in parties, sports events, picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities. Even if you want to adjust it according to the height you can do this easily. It allows you to adjust it according to your ease. This heavy-duty camping table allows you to cook your food, make BBQs, and put your other gear when not in use. 

The only minor issue with this folding table is, this is not waterproof. But still, you can make it waterproof by covering it with a shopping bag. You can also make it waterproof by doing spray sealant. 

After buying and using if you feel this camping table is not perfect for you or it’s not according to your taste simply return this table. This table has a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. That builds more trust between the company and customers. 

  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Contains two extra zipper portions to keep your food safe
  • Gives you a 100% money-back guarantee
  • This is not a waterproof camping table

Roll-up Camping Table Buying Guide

Buying a camping or folding table can be tricky sometimes especially when you are a newbie. That’s why I decided to mention some special tips to consider when buying a folding table. 


When it comes to meals with family and friends it demands more space on the table. Which shows the size of the table means a lot. If you have a little place to put food on your table, then it can become a mess of shame. And I hope you don’t want to be a shame. That’s why considering the size while purchasing the table is crucial. 

But size depends on your needs. If you have decided when and where you will use this folding table then you can adjust its size dimensions that include height, weight, and width. Check the size before buying and read the product description carefully as it is easy to pack, configure and store.

Weight Capacity

Who would like to carry heavy-weight items in his car or camping gear? Gone are the days when we used to carry heavy loads on our backs. Now with the help of technical manufacturing things are more durable and compact even with less weight. 

While going camping you’ll not only have a folding table you’ll also have other gear too. Therefore weight capacity is an important consideration to make. Make sure you understand your weight capacity and how much load you will put on this table. 

Easy Setup 

It’s a natural phenomenon that whenever we end up at any ceremony we try to wind up things in a hurry. But what if you have a short time to wind up your camping gear and your gears are not easy to set up then it becomes more complicated. This is the time when you need an easy setup folding table. 

Prices doest matter actually if you find a good folding table. Especially it won’t be the only thing that you need to set up, you have camping tents, heavy-duty chairs, a kitchen, and other gear too. Moreover, you need to spend another 20-30 minutes trying to figure out where you are going. That’s why try to choose the table that is easy to set up and comes with a folding feature.


Tell me would you like to carry a clunky and heavy table for your camping? You are probably can’t carry a clunky and heavy camping table that much. That’s why finding a portable camping table can be easy to carry. When buying a camping table consider the portability factor. 

The portability of any folding table depends on two basic factors: 

  1. Size 
  2. Weight 

Size depends on your personal requirement and situation. But I’m sure you wouldn’t like to carry a heavyweight camping table. That’s why you must need to consider the weight of a camping chair. You can find a large size camping table with less weight. In this article, I tried to choose lightweight yet durable camping tables. 

Heavy Duty and Durable

You may be surprised to find a good quality camping table. Meaning you need something that is very durable and heavy-duty. You want to use this table for picnics, camping, backyard gathering,s, and other outdoor activities. Then it is so important to find one that can withstand heavy winds. The table should be strong and durable enough to withstand rough and remote environments.


A camping table that can be used in any weather is far better than a table that can be used under the shed. Especially when it comes to camping then you must need a weather-resistant table that can be used for any climatic changes even in rainy weather. Your weather-resistant camping table should have the capacity to withstand at the beach whether it is hot or dusty. It can be used in the great wilderness where it can get completely soaking wet. 

Moreover, a weather-resistant camping table doesn’t bound you to enjoy your meal only under the camp shed. They allow you that you can carry it anywhere in any weather situation. They also ensure that they are made with high-quality material. 

Common Beginner Question About Camping Table

Which Camping Stove Table to Choose?

It’s easy to ignore the importance of a camping stove table and put your cookware on any table. But it can cause burning and accidents which means you can lose your costly items and health. On the other hand, camping stove tables are designed with such a material that has the ability to withstand heat and temperature. 

When choosing a camping stove table consider that the table has a solid metal frame. Its countertop should be enough strong that can hold up to 48 lbs. It should have a heat-resistant aluminum countertop. 

If you are really serious to buy a stove table then GCI outdoor slim-fold is one of the best camping stove tables. This is a lightweight table that can hold up to 203 lbs weight. This is made with heat-resistant metal. This table has a large space on its countertop where you can fit a small barbeque grill. This is easy to fold and compact table into one piece. 

What is Aluminum Camping Table?

If you need a lightweight yet durable camping table then simply go for an aluminum camping table. The reason why most of the experts prefer this, is it is lightweight even in large size. It can hold up more load than wood and plastic camping tables. 

You will find aluminum as one of the most lightweight metals, that’s why most of the camping gears are made of aluminum metal like heavy-duty tent stakes, heavy-duty chair legs, etc. As a result, the camping tables made with this metal are easy to carry around. Especially when it comes to walking long distances then we understand its worth. 

In addition to its lightweight features, it is also compact and durable. This is why aluminum products work for a long time without structural damage. Like other metals, it does not rust easily. Instead, it has corrosion resistance, which is why exposure to air, moisture, and saltwater does not affect aluminum.

In the end, this is quite affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on camping furniture. Buy the aluminum furniture cause it’s the most abundant metal and cheap. 

Can Portable Tables Bear the Weight of a Grill?

If you had never used a portable table while camping then it’s hard to assume that can a portable table bear the weight of a grill. Probably you are thinking that it is about impossible for a portable table to sustain the heavy-duty weight of a grill. You are right here, usually, most camping tables are made of plastic and are not designed enough strong to carry heavy-weight items. Same if you put a heavy-weight grill on a plastic camping table they’ll give up and break down. 

The purpose was to guide you that if you are thinking about a plastic table then is probably impossible to do. However, there are a variety of portable tables that are built enough strong with a firm material to carry the weight of a grill. Most of these camping tables are made with the metals like, steel, and aluminum that contains a strong structure that supports their purpose. 

While buying a portable camping table for your grill make sure the table has enough capacity to hold the weight of the grill. Check its maximum load limit and compare it with the weight of the grill. Make sure that the maximum weight of the table is higher than the weight of the grill. 

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