Do I need a generator for camping?

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Do I need a generator for camping?

As you are trying to get the answers about the camping generators, then it is quite obvious that you are afraid of running away in the woods from the hustle of urban life, just to get some peace. While talking about peace you would surely not prefer to wake up every day and invest your energies in a thing which you could save just by investing in some convenient machines. For example, even a simple task like getting hot water for your coffee would consume double the energy because you don’t have a stove.

Do I need a generator for camping? Yes, you do need a generator for camping, just to add more value to your peaceful escape from busy life. It will be convenient to run all the basic electric devices to ease you. Air conditioning, stove, refrigerator, hair curler, etc. can be run very easily on a 2000-watts inverter generator with a run time of 4-6 hours and noise level of about 50-65 decibels.

Why do you need a generator for camping?


To have a generator with you during camping would not affect you if you made a sensible purchase. A generator would help you to overcome the hustle of cooking food on the stove after a long tracking day. It is being said that a purchase made for your convenience is never too much. But if you are comfortable with a hustle then this piece of advice is surely not for you.

Bad weather condition

Imagine you had a plan to cook your meal in the woods but weather conditions are not allowing you to do so, then it would be a serious situation. Here in a moment like these a generator will help you in camping by running a stove and refrigerators. So it would be much wiser to carry one with you while traveling for camping.

A comfortable sleep

If you are a person who loves to do star gazing at night and fall asleep then, then an air mattress and a thing to maintain the temperature of your RV would surely increase the feel of this experience overall. Again it would be only possible if you have a generator to run an air conditioner and fill the air mattress. Otherwise, a night of sleep with bugs will never be great. 

Charge all gadgets easily

The major benefit of having a generator by your side while traveling is that you can easily charge the batteries of all your devices like cameras, laptops, and mobile phones. Although you are there for some rest by now, it is a little tough to survive a day completely without your gadgets, especially mobile phones. For emergency work meetings your laptop would also be available If it is charged. A charged camera will not piss you off in the middle of the day just because extra batteries are not charged.

Things to Look in a Generator for Camping

After understanding all the factors regarding generators for camping, you must be convinced to buy one. You must be wondering now what generator suits you more while camping? Here is the detailed answer.

Power of a generator

The ideal size of generator for camping is 2000-watts, with a sound level of around 50-65 decibels and a run time of about 4-6 hours precisely. This size or power of an inverter generator is more than enough if your usage is standard. At this size, you can easily run a refrigerator, air conditioner, hair curler, stove, microwave, coffee maker, etc. completely depending on your usage. So it is recommended to compare and contrast the usage demand of your electric appliances with a generator size to avoid any major electrical incident.

Fuel type

Gasoline and propane are ideal choices to run a generator If you don’t have a solar setup to run a generator on. It depends on the availability of both in the area you are about to stay for camping. You can choose accordingly, both will do a great job.

Noise level

To have a sound level of around 50-65 decibels of a camping generator is allowed and acceptable. If you are planning a camping trip for some rest of course then you would not like to have noise around. If you are okay with it, I am sure other people in your surrounding would surely not be. Ethically and morally it is not right either to disturb others’ peace. Also, a few hours are already restricted to run generators on most campsites.

Dos and Don’ts of Generator in the Campground

Generator only hour

On most of the campsites, there are specific hours already decided in which you can run your generators just to maintain the peaceful environment for the rest of the time by not running generators round the clock in the name of convenience and comfort. These hours are usually 8-10 am, 12-2 pm, and 5-7 pm.

Quiet hours

In these hours it is completely forbidden to run generators or to do any other such activity which is loud in general. Just to maintain the soul purpose of camping and running from the hustle of life. These hours are mostly from 9 pm to 8 am.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it allowed to run generators at night during camping?

Yes, it is allowed to run a generator at night time during camping. There are specific hours to run generators on most of the sites, mostly night hours are included in those specific hours. These hours are usually from 9 pm till 8 am.

Is it safe to run a generator near your campsite?

No, it is not safe to run a generator near your campsite and in closed spaces as well. It should be placed at a distance. There is a gas named carbon monoxide that a running generator releases. It is highly toxic for health in excess, especially if it is in closed spaces. Another aspect to keeping it at distance is of course noise. So I prefer to not keep it near.

Can we run generators in rain?

Yes, you can run a generator in the rain. Nowadays inverter generators are coming with a covered body that is resistant to different weather conditions. But it would be better to keep it under the shelter which has an open space from the sides to keep it protected. It would be a smarter tactic to maintain the life of a product by handling it with care. 


I am expecting that after reading this complete article you have got the answer to your question: Do I need a generator for camping? The most precise answer is yes; you do need a generator for camping for your convenience in the woods by running all the basic electric appliances on it. 

But if you are a hustle-friendly person and your friends and family who are accompanying you are comfortable burning woods daily for meal preparation then all this advice was not for you. You can enjoy both ways based on your comfort.

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