How big of a generator do I need for camping?

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How big of a generator do I need for camping?

While planning a gateway from the hectic everyday schedules of life and a family, you would surely not want to go back to a stone age without electricity to run essential everyday appliances to facilitate you. You have to carry a good camping generator with you while traveling to charge your battery devices as well.

Now you must be wondering, How big of a generator do I need for camping? The straightaway answer to this question is you would need a generator of approximately 2000-watts in size; it is enough to use kitchen appliances, a hair-dryer, a hair curler, and an air conditioner as well. 

Generators of this size have about 5-6 hours and produce 50-65 decibels of noise. For this purpose, a portable inverter generator will be an ideal choice for camping.

Let us highlight more details in upcoming sections that will help you choose a generator for camping, as it will be a lifetime investment if you keep all the precautions in mind while using.

Difference between contractor generator and portable camping generator?  

Contractor generator

The positive aspect of contractor generator is it’s cheaper one. But the major drawback is that it is a little extra noisy as it was designed to use on construction sites. As it has pretty unstable power, there is a chance it can damage your heavy electronics, even everyday essential appliances. You would not be welcome in your camping group with such a vast, noisy partner because everybody is going for a peaceful camp sighting.

Inverter generator

As the name indicates, itself inverter generator can convert AC to DC and vice versa. Compared to the contractor generator, it has stable power, which means it will save your electronic devices from damage as it can adjust power as per the usage. The central plus point to having an inverter generator is that it is not noisy so it will be an excellent purchase for peaceful camping. 

You can enjoy your days more because of the facilities you can avail only in the presence of electricity. The best choices to opt for among all are Yamaha RV generators and Honda RV generators.

Which factors decide that a generator is the best for camping?


The ideal size for a camping generator is 1500-200-watts. This power almost all the essential equipment necessary during camping can run, such as your hair curler, coffee maker, air conditioner, batteries of all your devices, and a laptop. The only thing to consider is that electrical devices need more power to start. 

After that, the running power is less. Therefore, you better read the instruction section with both generator and appliance to avoid any significant electrical loss. Of course, the size of the generator depends on your usage as well; if you have heavy usage, you will need a bit larger size of the generator; otherwise, 1500-200-watts is a perfect size for RV camping.


The speciality of camping generators is they are lighter in weight as they are packed in appearance. A term used for generator weight is “dry weight” it indicates a generator’s weight with an empty fuel tank or without fuel. This is how we generally consider the weight of a generator. At the same time, it is clear that there is an addition of 6 pounds in weight after filling a fuel tank.

Run time

Despite all the claims producers made, the generator’s run time depends on the engine efficiency and the fuel tank size in reality. It is a common observation as well told by producers that the runtime of a camping generator is a quarter, half, or 90 % lots. It can deviate a little less or more based on the load on the generator. 

Runtime is explained as before a need of refilling a fuel tank how much time a generator can runs. If a load is less or regular, then it can extend a bit extra, so in this way, we can’t make any exact statement about runtime because usage of power varies from person to person and place to place.


For a camping generator which is a unique smaller designed version of size around 1500-2000 Watts the sound is roughly 50-60 decibels. At this point, these smaller-sized are considered less noisy compared to other models of generators. They have a run time of around 5-6 hours approximately.

What are the advantages of having an inverter camping generator?


It is true that when you are spending a good amount on something, you want it to stay with us for years. The same is the case for a camping inverter generator which is a little more expensive than others. You also prefer to buy the best one among those, and it will surely need more money. 

After all of this, you indeed expect the product’s dependability; it is clear that the camping generator is worth investing in as it comes with superior quality in terms of technology and durability.


While traveling in an RV, you would not want to carry a massive machine with you, for which you need a whole team to shift from one place to other and then activate it for use. The primary purpose of a camping generator is to make it easier for you to use to camp without all worries. It’s not only quiet but also easy to move from place to place. 

However, portable generators are a bit heavier because they deliver a high power, but they are still portable.

Power output

Generally, an inverter camping generator has enough power to run all the essential appliances, and it does a great job. The only important thing to consider is that all the appliances need higher power than running power to start it working. Once it is started, it can perform its job smoothly on average power. However, if the starting power doesn’t match or is heavy for a generator, it could lead to some electrical loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal size for a camping generator?

The ideal size for a camping generator is about 1500-2000-watts with a noise level of around 50-65 decibels. It is a smaller size than others with the ability to have a run time of about 5-6 hours. Furthermore, the size of a generator depends on the usage of a person as well. These figures are estimated as per standard usage. It could fluctuate depending on the demands.

What does it mean by a quiet generator for camping?

By quiet generator for camping means to have a one with a sound level less than 60 decibels. Above this is considered as a louder one. A generator larger in size of power will make more noise in general. So Honda EU2200i will be an ideal choice for a quiet generator.

Will the 3.5KVA generator works for camping too?

Yes, it works well for camping, but it will not be the best choice because you need this much power while camping. 3.5KVA is a lot as it can run refrigerators and televisions too.


I am sure after reading this article you have got an answer to your question: How big of a generator do I need for camping? Precisely an ideal size for a camping generator is 1500-2000-watts. With this information, you are good to go. Now you can confidently decide as per your needs for the best camping experience.

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