How to keep a tent cool while camping

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All around the globe, people get out of their houses to camp, in summer. Camping in itself is a very exhilarating activity and refreshes you. But, its only drawback in summer is that you have to bear the extremely penetrating heat rays that could also cause diseases for you. If you are looking for a solution, do not worry, you have come to the right place.

You can keep your tent by either using electricity or not. The non-electric method is a bit more natural and somewhat complicated method. For the electric method, you just need to grab a portable fan, a neck fan, or a jug full of ice and you’re good to go.

Further ahead in this article, you will get familiar with most of the ways to keep your tent cool while camping. So, stick till the end to know those ways.

How to Keep a Tent Cool while Camping?

By Using Electricity

There are various ways to use electric equipment to cool your tent while camping. The most effective and popular ones are listed below. But, if you want you can also get creative with the tools and find your way to cool your tent or you could use these;

1. Using a Portable Fan:

The most convenient way for you to cool your tents will be to use a portable fan. It could be either battery one or another, it doesn’t matter. Camping markets are filled with gadgets that are portable, useful, and also cheap. You can take them to your tent and put them in a stable place, but never keep them in front of your face because it could make your nose and throat dry and cause ENT problems.

2. Using Bladeless Neck fans:

The second best way would be to use neck fans. Bladeless neck fans are recommended because your neck is a very sensitive part of your body and you don’t want any harm to come to it. Bladeless neck fans go around your neck and help keep your whole body cool. So, the overall environmental temperature will not affect you due to this.

3. Using Air conditioners:

If you have some money to spare, you can also take an air conditioner with you to your tent at the campsite. You can fix it inside your tent and adjust its temperature. But, keep in mind that whenever you go out of the tent increase your AC’s temperature a bit and spend 5 to 10 minutes in there before coming out.

By Using Non-electric Methods

While camping, you can also keep your tent cool without using any electric equipment. This way you will be relying on your brain and nature will do your work for you. Following are some non-electric eco-friendly methods to cool down your tent;

1. Choosing a dry and a cool place for setting up:

The first easiest method to keep your tent cool is to set it up in a pretty dry and cool place. The most optimal location would be near a river under a tree. This is recommended because whenever the wind blows it will become a cool breeze due to the river and the tree will keep the sun rays off of you. It could make your camping more enjoyable and exciting.

2. Choosing the best color for your tent:

Camping experts always advise people to buy a tent that is light in color, especially when you are camping in the summer. This is because the lighter colors show less “Black Body radiation” emitting low amounts of heat while the darker colors heat your tent in a matter of minutes. The most optimal color for your tent would be the white color because it shows no radiation and can make your camping cool. So, choose wisely.

3. Use Thermal Reflection shades:

When you go to buy your camping goods in summer, you will see that almost every shop has thermal shades available. So, grab one or two of them along with other things. The thermal shades are designed to reflect any kind of thermal radiation striking it. So, when you set up your tent, take a thermal shade and put it on top of your tent, this will ward off the sun rays reaching your tent keeping the inner temperature of the tent relatively low (about 6F).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my tent cool in the morning?

You can keep your tent cool in the morning by keeping it in a shady and dry area like under a tree. Keep in mind that the location you choose for setting up the tent in the morning will not stay in the shadows for the whole day because the sun will change its direction later in the day. So, choose the location wisely.

Why do tents get so hot?

Every camper struggles with the question that why tents even get hot. The answer to that is the “Greenhouse effect”. The sun’s UV rays pass through the tent-making material and heat the air molecules in the tent causing its temperature to increase and it becomes hot. That’s why shady places are always preferred for setting up tents.

How much is a tent hotter than outside?

While camping, the tent is always hotter than the outside. Now, people wonder how much hotter is it. Studies show that the temperature of a tent is almost 10F greater than that of the outside. But, if the atmosphere allows more heat to pass through the tent then it could be much higher than the average value.


In all, camping in summer is a great activity but you have to keep yourself safe from the tremendous heat of the sun. For this, you can either make use of electricity or you can mess with your head and rely on nature and prepare your tent. Either way, you will be working to cool your tent. So, you can choose whatever is convenient and easy for you. Now, go grab your camping goods and camp to the fullest!

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