How to secure a generator while camping

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How to secure a generator while camping

Having a generator can make things easier for you while camping. You can charge your dead phones, tablets, or some other necessary small or large appliances. But if you are taking a generator with you for camping, you have to be careful about its security. While camping, your generator can be theft, and you can lose your generator. It would not be good, and it can ruin your camping. 

When we consider the security of our generator some people keep their generators too close to their camp. This security method can put them in danger because the carbon monoxide released by the generator can lead to severe damage or be fatal.

How to secure a generator while camping? Here in this article, we will expose the best ways to save your generator from theft.

  1. Choose a silent generator
  2. Hide your generator
  3. Chain or lock the generator
  4. Use security brackets
  5. Cables for security 
  6. Alarm cables
  7.  GPS trackers
  8. Spread dried leaves around your generator
  9. Brighten your camping area with lighting

09 methods to secure a generator while camping

Choose a silent generator.

Most of the time, your generator can be stolen when you are not near to your generator or at night while you are taking a rest. As generators make a lot of noise, thieves can quickly know that you have a generator and where you placed it. This may be a reason you can lose the generator. 

There are also some silent generators available in the market. If you use a silent generator, the chances of losing your generator can be reduced. Another benefit of having a silent generator is enjoying your camp without noise.

Hide the generator 

When you have to go far from your campsite leaving the running generator, please do not leave your generator without hiding it in a safe place; anyone can steal it. This technique would not be worthy if your generator is noisy. Here a silent generator works well and saves you from a significant loss. Find a suitable place and hide your generator. Now you can go anywhere and enjoy your camping. A hidden generator can also be saved from theft at night.

Chain and Lock 

Using a chain is one of the best ways you can choose to secure your generator. Just tie one end of the chain to the generator and the other with any vehicle or a strong tree.

A light chain can work enough if you are going a few minutes away from the generator. But if you leave your generator for a bit longer time, you should use a heavy and robust chain because light chains can be broken or cut by any equipment such as a hand saw. A thick chain like Schlage is the best option when you need security. Use a padlock to make your chain more secure for your generator.

Use Alarm Cables

Cables take more time to cut and break, so these are the better option to choose instead of chains. You can install an alarm system and connect it with these cables. These alarms will help you stay alert when someone messes with these cables. You can set these alarms as you want and save your generator from stealing. Alarm cables are helpful, especially when you are not close to the generator at night. 

Try a GPS Tracker 

GPS tracker makes your camping a lot easier if you attach it with Alarm cables. These trackers can help you in both ways:

  • First, if thieves are trying to steal your generator, alarms will alert you, and you can detect the thieves and save your generator.
  • Second, if you could not reach at time and thieves have stolen your generator. You can track thieves’ location and save your generator.

Security Bracket

Security brackets can be placed over the plastic handles of the generator. These brackets are adequate to make the chain and cables harder to cut. Make sure to set security brackets ideally, and it would take a few minutes to set on handles.

Brighten your camping area with lighting

At night there are more chances that your generator can be stolen because of the darkness all around. Brightening the camping area is an excellent way to keep the thieve away from your camp. It will also help if someone is trying to steal your generator. You can catch the thieve and save the generator.

Spread dried leaves around your generator

Dried leaves make a good noise when someone stepped on them. Take very dried leaves in high amounts and spread these leaves around the generator. Dried leaves will work as an alarm to secure the generator.

Frequently asked questions about how to secure a generator while camping:

Can someone steal your generator while camping?

Yes, this is a common thing while camping. Many thieves can target your generator and steal it.

How can I keep my generator secure?

There are many ways to keep your generator secure. Here are some of these. You can choose one to keep your generator safe.

  • You can secure it by chains.
  • Using an Alarm cable can be effective.
  • GPS is also the best way to secure your generator.
  • Having a silent generator 
  • Hide your generator at a safe place

Can I put my generator inside my camp?

Yes, you can put a generator inside the camp, but it should not be running. While running, the generator release carbon monoxide, which is very dangerous. Sometimes this can be fatal. Therefore, keep the generator away from your camp while it is running.

Can removing the wheels secure your generator?

This can help to secure your generator to some extent. If you have removed it, the wheels generator cannot be carried easily. But this is not going to secure your generator that much. Must secure it with chain, alarm cables, security brackets, and GPS tracker.


Camping without a generator cannot be easy because you often need to charge your appliances. If you take your generator with you for camping, it should be secure.

We have already discussed all the crucial ways to secure your generator. Follow some of them and secure your generator.

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