How to use a generator for camping?

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How to use a generator for camping?

Vacations are supposed to be a duration of a few days where a person could move towards woods away from the hustle of life. To meditate. When we are talking about peace, there must be no noise pollution. But it is not possible in this way. For some essentials, you would need power now. A generator will help make camping more fun and convenient.

Now here arises a question; How to use a generator for camping? You can use a generator for anything during camping. Such as to enlighten an outside kitchen for Barbeque night in woods, to charge your devices; mobile phones, cameras, portable gaming system, laptops, to use kitchen appliances, hairdryers, hair curling rods, and whatnot. To know about using a generator during camping, let’s proceed further in this article.

Further, in this article we’ll discuss about more uses of a generator for camping, so you can make your camping experience better. 

Can we use every type of generator for camping?

Yes, every type of generator can be used during camping, but a portable one is a more convenient choice. A 2000-watt inverter generator is considered a perfect choice ideally, but you can estimate it as per your use and requirement of your appliances. But keep in mind that running power is comparatively less than one needs while starting an appliance.

How do camping generators work?

A camping generator or a portable generator uses a gas-powered engine to run different electronic devices in the camp side. A portable generator turns on different alternatives, which result in the generation of electricity.

Every generation holds some outlets with whom we can connect our devices and appliances to run them. The power and size vary from generator to generator, completely based on your usage demand. Therefore, it is something you need to decide before buying a generator.

Why do we need generators during camping?

It would help if you had a generator during camping to cook your food, maintain the temperature of your cabin, charge the batteries of your devices, use your styling products, and light up your campsite at night. It’s surely a long list. But, precisely, you need a generator to make your trip more happening during camping.

Which oil do we need for a camping generator?  

Briggs & Stratton SAE 5aw-30 synthetic motor oil, Cummins 3265336 Onan SAE 15W-40 oil, Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full synthetic Motor oil, Honda 08207 10W30 Motor oil these are come best choices of oil to use for camping generators. Further, you can decide by considering the weather demand, your usage, the consumption of your generator, etc.

Which size/power is best for camping generators?

2000W generator is assumed as an ideal size for camping if you are camping in tents. But if you are in RV, you may need a 2500-watt generator or greater than this. It depends on your demand; which kind of devices you have to run on a generator. If your consumption is more than this, then even 2500-watt would not be enough for you. So, before deciding your generator decide your need demand first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of using a generator while camping?

The purpose is to facilitate yourself only. Let’s say it is getting dark and you are cooking a meal then you would need some light, you got a message there is something urgent you could process your gadgets there too, or you have kids by your side then I must say it would be the wisest purchase till date.

Do we need to protect generators from rain?

Yes, you need to protect the generator from rain. It should be covered under the rain, but not completely because it could lead to the accumulation of carbon monoxide gas which is harmful to health. Also, rain could damage its body or wiring, which would affect its overall performance eventually. So, keeping it protected from rain would be a better option. Further, your generator should always be placed on a flat dry surface.

Is my camping generator capable enough to power my travel trailer?

Yes, your camping generator is enough to power your travel trailer. Generally, 2000-3000-watt generators are enough to run RV appliances, and some personnel also use electronics. Still, it is suggested that before making a purchase try to check the power demand of your appliances.

Can I place my generator near camp?

No, you can’t place your generator near camp. It should be 15-20 feet distant from the camp. It must be placed outside. This is the production of gases when it’s running, mainly is carbon monoxide, a deadly gas. For a better experience, try to keep appropriate power wires before traveling.

Which appliances can I use on the generator?

Considering the watts of your generator, you can use any appliance on the generator. It includes your basic kitchen appliances, styling machines, air conditioners, electric stoves, etc. Before using any of these tallies, the power demands of appliances first. Always remember a device use more power to start than run.

Can I use my hair curler on a camping generator?

Yes, you can use your hair curler on a generator. But before that, make sure that its electricity consumption comes under the power of your portable camping generator. Not only that, but you can also run your other hair styling machines, straightener, dryer by only keeping above mentioned secret in mind.


While concluding my article, I want to highlight one alternative for camping generators: electrical hook-ups that different campsites provide you. But the drawback is that it is available for RVs and campers only yet. But for tents, it is still emerging. So at this point, I recommend you invest in a portable camping generator.

On this note, I hope you have cleared your queries regarding camping generators, such as How to use a generator for camping? The precise answer is to use a camping generator of approx. 2000-2500 watts for running all the basic appliances at the campsite by just keeping some considerations in mind, and you are good to go. 

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