Best Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife

A trusty pocket knife is a good tool whether you are springing to action in an emergency situation or you just want to open the packaging in an easy way. Having a reliable blade in your pocket will make you more comfortable and confident. 

You may have experienced that sometime in the garden or home when you have fruits like apples and you want to enjoy this fruit cut into pieces. Suddenly you feel oh! I forgot to bring a knife, that is the time when you actually need a pocket knife. A good pocket knife not only helps to cut fruit but it has various functions. A multi-function pocket knife gives you the access to open the screwdrivers, box packaging and cut the seatbelt in an emergency situation. 


The thing about the best pocket knife for multipurpose is you can carry it anywhere safely in your pocket, purse, and pack. It may be more suitable if you are hiking or camping than you can use it to cut the ropes. 

While buying the best multi-purpose folding knife must acknowledge the kind of metal the blade is made from. Choosing a pocket knife can be tricky sometimes, therefore I mentioned some key points to choose the best one for you.  

BlizeTec Survival Knife (multi-function pocket knife)


mutli purpose pocket knife1
multi-purpose pocket knife1

If you are in search of the best multipurpose pocket knife then this ultra-sharp Blize Tec survival knife may catch your attention. This tool is perfect for all occasions whether you are traveling, hiking, or camping. This can be the best choice for emergency preparedness. 

This stainless steel survival knife with a nylon pouch has 5-in-1 functionality to keep you safe in any condition. The knife is designed so perfectly that it fits in your palm. You may feel the hassle of carrying a big knife in your pocket or hand but this is only 5.46oz in weight mean easy to carry in the pocket. This small knife has all the features that you may find in a big knife. 

No worries if you don’t have a side pocket or you irritate to put a knife in your pocket then simply carry it with a belt clip. Handle material is made with aluminum that is strong enough. The performance of this knife is stellar in almost every way. It is sturdy but not too heavy. It has a solid feel in your hand and stays clipped in place even with repeated daily use.

This multi-purpose tool is created for all purposes which include the build-in seatbelt cutter, led light, glass breaker, and magnesium fire starter. The LED light has strong battery power that works for up to 12 hours. This is perfect for camping and hiking. 

The knife is strong and sharp that allows you to the regular cutting of fruits and various plastic food packages. 

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Ultra-sharp knife
  • Include nylon pouch
  • 5-in-1 multi-tool emergency survival knife
  • striker often did not strike very well since it’s so small

Kershaw Multi-purpose Pocket Knife

mutli purpose pocket knife1 2
multi-purpose pocket knife1 2

This Kershaw small multi-purpose pocket knife has more than 1000 five-star ratings that make this pocket knife more prominent than others. It comes with a stainless steel blade that is strong, hard and has edge retention. 

If you are going camping and forgot to take a bottle opener then don’t worry. This multi-purpose knife has the ability to open a bottle easily. Don’t worry if you have short pockets its pocket clip will help you to hang it with the belt or the pocket. 

This pocket knife is highly recommended for slicing games due to its durability and controllability. For the prevention of closing prematurely, it is protected with a safe liner lock. For great stiffness and grip, it is made with the nylon polymer reinforced handle with glass thread that has exceptional strength and stability. 

This pocket knife is completely handy and sturdy, making it the perfect companion on camping or hunting trips. You can use this multipurpose knife to cut the overgrown bushes, dead tree limbs, and underbrush. 

The Taskmaster tool is made of durable and reliable high carbon tool steel and the textured handles feature rubber for a secure and non-slip grip. The classic and easy way to open this knife is to use a thumb hole manually. 

  • Multi-purpose survival knife
  • High-performance steel
  • Attractive blade coating
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Fast deployment
  • A bit smaller
  • Less in stock

MTech USA Spring Assist Folding Knife

mutli purpose pocket knifen1
multi-purpose pocket knifen1

If you are looking for an unspectacular multi-function folding knife that’s sharp, fast to deploy, and easy to carry MTech spring folding multi-function pocket knife might be your jam. It’s very small and compact, so you can feel it in your pocket. This knife is excellently designed with a stainless seek straight-edge blade with blue titanium coating. 

It comes with a pocket clip for easy to carry. The best part is this is the really nice and smooth action. Handle material is made of aluminum that shows its durability and compatibility.  

Its spring assist folding feature allows it one-handed deployment. If you ever have experienced opening a knife in the pocket, then you may little shy to buy a pocket knife but this survival knife locks securely into place with a liner lock. That makes you more confident and comfortable to move freely with this knife.

  • One-handed deployment
  • Sharp blade
  • Easy to use
  • spring assist folding feature
  • It’s not a light knife

Kershaw Fatback Multi-purpose Knife

mutli purpose pocket knifenm1
multi-purpose pocket knifenm1

If you are in search of a slim, military-grade, and retractable pocketknife then Kershaw fatback multipurpose knife got you covered. This beautifully designed pocket knife can be operated with a single hand. 

With its efficient quality steel blade, you can use it for self-defense in an emergency situation. Best for cutting boxes, fruits, and kitchen preparation. 

It has a secure locking system that helps you to prevent the unexpected opening of the knife in the pocket. Moreover, the titanium layer makes sure that it’s stable and wiggle for free use. 

This multi-purpose pocket knife will remain with you for a long time because this is featured with black oxide corrosion-resistant coating that prevents the damaging of the blade. It has a texturized grip that helps you to keep tight in your hand without being soaked or wet. 

In case of emergency, its fast deployment helps this knife to open smoothly and sharply. For the confident handling of the knife without premature closure apply manual pressure to the flipper with a light push/pull to reduce the resistance of the torsion bar. 

In case if you are looking for a budget pocket knife with quality features then this pocket knife can be the best choice for you. This budget-friendly and reliable design with stainless steel and slightly less nickel to keep it hard and edge retentive. 

  • High-performance steel
  • Attractive blade coating
  • Fast deployment
  • Budget-friendly
  • Secure locking system
  • Available in black only

LEATHERMAN Multitool and EDC Pocket Knife

multi purpose pocket knife
multi-purpose pocket knife

Leatherman multitool and everyday care pocket knife have the feature of magnet locking that makes this EDC pocket knife different from other knives. This everyday care multi-purpose pocket knife is built of every hand. 

If you are tired of having a knife that becomes soaked in your palm then you can surely change it with this one because this is designed with stainless steel material. This is a compact and incredibly versatile pocket knife. 

Like other pocket knives, it doesn’t have only one sharp blade. instead, it has 8 tools and free integrated technology. You can use this multi-tool knife with one hand that fits comfortably in your palm. With the pressing thumb, you can easily open your tools without broken fingernails. 

Like other brands, they not only offer you a 2 or 3 years warranty. Instead, this brand offers you 25 years warranty which means you can rely on this pocket knife confidently. 

You may think that with 8 tools it is heavy in weight that may interrupt you while keeping it in the pocket but, it’s still very easy to carry as it is lightweight. In its 8 tools, it has only essentials like a sharp knife, a bottle opener, a pry tool to multiple screwdrivers. 

With its multiple features, it has some points that you keep in mind while purchasing it. It does not come with a pocket clip, but the company sells a pocket clip specifically designed for their Free series.

  • Magnetic lock
  • Easy to carry in a pocket
  • 8-in-1 multi-tool knife
  • 25 years of warranty
  • Doesn’t come with a pocket clip
  • It does not come with a sheath

How to choose a Pocket knife

Probably it’s a very common question that how to choose a pocket knife for yourself but it is valid. The needs of a knife usually vary from person to person like if you are a housewife then you may need only a sharp edge versatile knife that could help you to cut fruits easily. But if you are a mechanic you may need a multitool pocket knife that could help you in your work. Also, you can be a police officer or a contractor.

As a simple tool, a pocket knife can come in different shapes and styles, but you have to make sure which knife best fits your demands. A knife that excels at heavy-duty would not be the same as one used for normal tasks. 

Also, consider the weather and environment in which you will use your pocket knife. Will you use this knife in cold weather where you may need a large grip handle wearing gloves in the hand? Will it be suitable for high humidity or saltwater?

Carrying Capacity 

A hiker or camper may have an abundance of pockets that have a different carrying capacity than an office worker that has fewer pockets. While carrying a pocket knife your main consideration should be:

  1.  What will be the size of the knife
  2. How will you carry it in your pocket

Usually, the most latest pocket knife comes with a pocket clip that allows the knife to remain verticle for a more comfortable ride and quick access. 

But it’s not necessary that you’ll choose a knife with a pocket clip you can also choose a clip-less knife that comes in a classic design. One thing you may like about the pocket clip knife, it comes in a small size that easily fits in your pocket and contains less space. 

Style of the Knife

Once you have decided what you want how will you carry your knife in the pocket. It’s time to be more familiar with some of the multi designs pocket knives with some extra features to choose the perfect knife. 

You can choose the tactical or classic design for your pocket knife. 

Classic knife: 

Classic style may not suitable as a pocket knife. They come in various designs which typically going to be two-hand open operations. Sometimes it may or may not be locking. You may not find a pocket clip in this type of pocket knife that is commonly made with a wood or bone handle. 

Tactical knife:

Tactical knives are highly recommended for the use of pocket knives. They are almost open with one hand and comes with a pocket clip. Also featured with a blade lock. Usually, grip handles are made of modern plastics and metals. Moreover, you’ll find some extra features in this type of pocket knife.

The open system of the knife

Manual Open: 

The opening of the knives actually depends on the user’s choice. The manual opening includes both single-hand and two-hand operations. Two hands opening knife generally opens with a fingernail while a single-hand opening knife opens with the thumb via a stud in the blade. 

Automatic Open:

This type of knife can be opened by pressing an opening button. You will find a button on the grip handle that allows you to open a knife in the friction of seconds.

Assisted Open:

This type of knife is the combo of two previous systems. It requires you to open the knife with a thumb then a spring kicks in and completely deploy the blade. 

Locking System of the Knife

Ensuring the locking system is very necessary while buying the knife because it prevents the accidental opening in the pocket which may hurt you sometimes. 

Lockback Knife:

This is the one that may come to your mind while thinking about the lock knife. This is the earliest design for locking the knife. In this, you depress a button with your thumb that helps to lock the knife with a locking mechanism. 

Framlock Knife:

In a frame lock knife, when the knife is fully deployed the one side of the frame slides under the blade that locks the blade into the place. Framelock knife is an easy and secure way to lock a knife. 

Liner-lock Knife: 

A liner lock knife works the same as the frame lock knife works. But in this case, one side of the liner moves and locks the blade. The rest of the handle remains in place. Usually, modern pocket knives are designed on the lock liner system. This system is secure and functional. 

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