Will a 3500-watt generator run a camper?

While you are out camping in your camper, there must be a generator. It is necessary to have one by your side so that you can run all your basic appliances. Otherwise, it will be a huge hustle even to cook a portion of food. To run a microwave, stove, coffee maker, hairdryer, and air conditioner, you must need a generator with a good power size.

However, will a 3500-watt generator run a camper? Yes, a 3500-watt generator will be enough to run a camper. This size generator can run almost any size of an RV camper. Three thousand five hundred will be capable enough to run small appliances all at once. Ideally, a 2000-watt generator is considered perfect, so 3500 watts will work perfectly. Furthermore, it depends on your usage as well. Count that prior.

The giant machine would be an air conditioner expectedly. It is better to start it separately as it consumes more power while starting. Later it takes around 1500 watts of running power. Then you can add other appliances as well and still 200 watts are free. Let us discuss in detail all the concerns regarding 3500 watts’ generator usage in RV. I hope by the end of this article, all your confusion and queries will get resolved.

How to choose an ideal size of generator for your camper?

While choosing a generator for your RV camper, keep the following important things in mind. So you can avoid any inconvenience during your trip.

Size and Portability

As you need a generator specifically for camping purposes. You would need to shift it again and again at every new sight. So it is recommended to carry that generator which is comparatively smaller in size and portable; means easy to move. There is a large variety of portable camping generators available out there now.

Fuel Type

When choosing a fuel, consider three important things. One is its availability in the area where you are going camping. Second, whether you can store it for a longer time or not. Lastly, the level of the population it causes while burning a specific fuel. Mostly these three fuels are used to run a generator; Gasoline, propane, and diesel. Overall, diesel is considered a better choice because of its availability in most places generally.

Generator Wattage

Generator wattage is the total power on which a generator can run different appliances. It is better to measure and compare the usage of your machines and the power of a generator in advance. Normally between 2000-3500 watts is the perfect power size for camping generators. In this range, almost all the necessities can be fulfilled like cooking, temperature maintenance, lighting, and hairstyling.


Although it varies from brand to brand and the features every generator holds in it, it is a one-time investment if you use it with all the precautionary measures and care. It is better to spend a good amount on a bigger generator for once, instead of fixing electric accidents again and again because of power imbalance.

Noise Level

A noise level should be between 45 and 60 decibels. Most camping sights allow generators within this range with specific running hours. The noise level will disturb your peace, but the people around will also suffer. Nobody wants to be declared an unwanted neighbor, even temporarily while camping.

What are starting watts and running watts?

Starting watts is a very short burst of power any device requires to activate, while the running watts is the power any appliance needs to run its activity. Generally, running watts are less than starting watts overall.

Before purchasing a generator, calculate the starting watts requirement of all the appliances and then add them so that you can figure out the size of a generator. For example, if the starting power of most of your devices is around 3000 watts and the running watt is around 1500 watts. A 3500 watts generator will be an ideal size in such a case. It should be a little extra to avoid any electrical disaster because of human negligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many appliances can a 3500-watt generator run at once?

At running watts, you can run most of the appliances. Three thousand five hundred watts is a huge size for camping purposes. While at starting watts, it will be better to start one device at a time. Let’s say you have to run an air conditioner, then only start it alone at first. Later use a microwave or coffee maker once the air conditioner is on running watts as small appliances usage is only for a few minutes compared to AC.

How do we determine the total once wattage usage of appliances?

Firstly, count the usage demand of all the appliances you need while camping.

Secondly, add the starting watts of all appliances especially notice the device which requires the highest power to start.

Thirdly, add the running watts of all appliances. Lastly, compare the total running usage of your appliances with the size of your generator; with those devices that exceed, eliminate them from the list or increase the power size of your generator.

Can I run my camper air conditioner on a 3500-watt generator?

Yes, you can run your camper air conditioner on a 3500-watts generator. The starting watts of an Air conditioner is 3000 watts approx. And running watts is around 2000-watts. So you can easily use it on a 3500-watts generator.


You must be aware enough of all the audits of the size of the generator and the demand for your appliances. It is just that simple to figure out the ideal size for your camper. Also, to avoid any electrical hazard. Also, the answer must be cleared now. Will a 3500-watt generator run a camper? Yes, a 3500-watts generator can run a camper so easily. It is more perfect than an ideal size as it can run most of the devices all at once without causing any damage due to power imbalance.

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